44 Different Types of Carrots


Carrots are root vegetables that belong to the Apiaceae family and are close relatives to parsley, celery, fennel, and cumin. They originated from Afghanistan and were originally purple and white in color.

They were introduced to Europe in the 14th century. The orange color variety originated in the Netherlands which produced them through selective breeding. The pigment beta-carotene produces the orange color and was first discovered in carrots.

The world produces 35 million tons of carrots every year.

Here is the list of all the different types of carrots.

Basic Types of Carrots
Chantenay Carrot Varieties
Danvers Carrot Varieties
Imperator Carrot Varieties
Mini Carrot Varieties
Nantes Carrot Varieties
Chantenay Carrot Varieties
Caracas carrots
Hercules carrots
Oxheart carrots
Red-cored carrots
Royal Chantenay carrots
Danvers Carrot Varieties
Yellowstone carrot
Imperator Carrot Varieties
Atomic Red carrots
Autumn King carrots
Candysnax carrots
Nutri-Red carrots
Purple Haze carrots
Red Samurai carrots
Sugarsnax 54 carrots
Mini Carrot Varieties
Babette carrots
Mignon carrots
Romeo carrots
Nantes Carrot Varieties
Baltimore carrots
Bolero carrots
Cosmic Purple Carrots
Merida carrots
Mokum carrots
Napa carrots
Napoli carrots
Nectar carrots
Nelson carrots
Parano carrots
Purple Dragon carrots
Rodelika carrots
Romance carrots
Scarlet carrots
Touchon carrots
White Satin carrots
Yaya carrots
Hybrid Types of Carrots
Giants of Colmar carrots
Kuroda Applesina carrots
Purple 68 carrots
Purple Sun carrots
Purplesnax carrots
Rainbow carrots