Humane Ambassadors

We're on a mission to help the world grow.

Do you garden, cherish a few cute succulents, or live in a jungle of houseplants? We want to partner with passionate people like you, to create a meaningful impact on the world. Humane products work on farms, where it matters most, we want to help people grow as reliably as a farmer. It should not be as hard as people imagine, Humane can help. Help us help the world grow!


Some of the Humane Ambassador perks are:
  • Earn free or discounted products
  • Personalized 15% discount code to share with your family and friends
  • Personalized 20% discount code for just you
  • Be featured on Humane Organics social media
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on new products
  • Unlock additional perks and rewards as you continue to participate throughout the year
  • VIP access to new product research and development
What we expect of our Humane Ambassadors:
  • Participate in the campaigns you’re invited to
  • Be an authentic brand advocate of our products both online and offline
  • Embody our core values
  • Provide product and brand feedback directly to us!
Ready to be a Humane Ambassador? Let's grow!
*Be sure to submit all your social media accounts in the application form below, so can earn credit toward as many opportunities as possible ;)
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